Jennifer Thibeaux

United States

This shop began as an idea of "I can do this better"! I was a basketball mom looking for bling tees and found myself scratching my head on availability and good quality. Once I found some local options I realized they were limited. So I began exploring the possibility of making my own.

That exploration grew into an overgrown hobby that developed into a business in 2012. I love finding the newest designs and even being the one who creates them. Some of the best designs were born of customers asking "do you have...?" I love interacting with people and know that we all become better when we just chat!

Today we're in multiple marketplaces and we love that we have the ability to interact most closely with customers and create the Tee of their dreams.

We hope you join us on this journey as the story continues to unfold...

--Jennifer Thibeaux, Founder